In order to facilitate fast and efficient development of the relationship between OLÉ MOSAIC S.L. and website users, we guarantee through this Policy, the privacy of personal data collected, in accordance with the legal requirements. We also provide information on the personal data protection policy so that users may freely and voluntarily decide whether they wish to provide OLÉ MOSAIC S.L. with their personal data by means of any form or e-mail to subscribe to the services offered, either on their website or other online means owned by them.
 Users therefore consent to the processing of this personal data, under the terms of this Personal Data Protection Policy, governed by EU Regulation 679/2016. Consequently, all data collected in a fair, free and transparent manner, is to be used exclusively for the purposes specified, and the user’s consent for such purposes is free, specific and explicit and has been collected in an unequivocal manner having informed the user beforehand. The user is also informed of and granted its rights of Access, Rectification, Erasure, Objection and Portability, to be Forgotten and Limitation, which may be exercised at:

Pza. Urquinaona 6 11A
08010 – Barcelona

The following is the framework of the Privacy Policy of OLÉ MOSAIC S.L.

I.- Data Controller for your personal data

Taxpayer’s No.: B64968894
Address: Plaza Urquinaona, número 6, Planta 11 A, 08010, Barcelona
Tel.: (+34) 935 128 380

This Privacy Policy applies to all personal data that has been previously collected by OLÉ MOSAIC S.L. either through online forms, or by any other future online means or e-mail.

For the purpose of this Privacy Policy, “User” means any natural person who is interested in the products and/or services that OLÉ MOSAIC S.L. offers through its website and by consultation at the above address. OLÉ MOSAIC S.L. , as Data Controller, will request, upon obtaining of the User’s personal data, the Loyal, Explicit, Informed and Unequivocal consent of the User, whenever necessary, and at any other time when prior authorisation of the User is required. The purpose of OLÉ MOSAIC S.L. Privacy Policy is to provide clear information on how we process and protect all data collected.

The User may always contact the Data Controller, in the event of any doubt or need regarding data protection, by sending a request to the postal address indicated above or through the e-mail


II.- Purpose for the processing of your personal data

Personal data supplied by users will be incorporated in files of OLÉ MOSAIC S.L. , in order to manage its clients and their information. This will include sending (by post, e-mail, text message or any other electronic means) commercial notifications on products, services, special treatments and news about treatments, products and/or services.

We inform Users that OLÉ MOSAIC S.L. may process the personal data provided to us, in addition to Client Management, for the other purposes indicated below, to the extent that there is a lawful basis for the data processed in each individual case, as explained below:

  • (1) To inform the User through any means, including sending marketing communications to the e-mail address provided by the User, about products and services offered by OLÉ MOSAIC S.L. , as well as compliance with commercial pacts, agreements and/or contracts that are necessary to fulfil the established commercial relationship.
  • (2) To carry out promotional activities for other services of OLÉ MOSAIC S.L. including sending marketing communications to the e-mail address provided by the User, if applicable.
  • (3) To give personal data to authorised collaborators or other companies of the Group, for the purpose of offering its own or third-party products and/or services, whenever the consent of the User has been requested and subsequently granted.


III.- The lawful basis for processing your personal data

  • The lawful basis for processing data for purposes (1) and (2) is the performance of the agreement or contract to provide the corresponding services.
  • The lawful basis for processing data for purpose (2) will be the consent of the User, if requested and granted, as well as the legitimate interest of OLÉ MOSAIC S.L. in informing the User of products or services similar to those previously acquired.
  • The lawful basis for processing the data for purpose (3) will be the consent that may have been requested of the User, without the withdrawal of this consent restricting in any way the performance of the agreement or contract for the provision of services. The User’s personal data will not be processed for these purposes, and only at the prior request of OLÉ MOSAIC S.L. may it be processed for the sole intended purpose, with the specific limitations and minimum data necessary to do so.

When recording the data, OLÉ MOSAIC S.L. , will collect and process that which is essential for registration and access to the personal space of the User. In the event that the User decides to purchase one of its products or services, it will collect and process the necessary and essential data to manage the purchase or to hire the service. The User knows and accepts that by failing to fill in certain personal data, OLÉ MOSAIC S.L. will not be able to provide those services or products linked to this data and for which it is necessary. In no event shall this data be supplied, exploited or used for a purpose other than that expressly indicated herein. During the registration process, the User will be informed of the optional nature of the collection of some of the data for the provision of services.


IV.- Storage period for personal data

The data will be kept for the duration of the contractual relationship and subsequently, in accordance with the legal deadlines established in applicable law, as long as the User does not exercise its rights and withdraw its consent. For any other type of users, data will also be kept during the period that the relationship is maintained with OLÉ MOSAIC S.L. , (except in cases where the processing is based on the consent of the User and withdrawn by same. In this case it will be kept until such withdrawal is received). Consequently, it will not be kept longer than necessary for the purposes described above, without prejudice to any storage that might be necessary for the formulation, exercise or defence of potential claims and/or whenever permitted by the applicable law.


V.- Access to Personal Data

An excellent service provided by OLÉ MOSAIC S.L. may require third parties to perform complementary services or, under its orders, access the User’s personal data as data processors. All service providers responsible for processing data who are within the European Economic Area or are included in the list of countries that offer the same level of security as that in force in Spain and that required by GDPR regulations. In the event of any transfer of data to countries outside this environment OLÉ MOSAIC S.L. guarantees that this will only take place with the authorisation of the Spanish Control Authority (Data Protection Agency), under the standard model clauses approved by the Commission or, if applicable, under the US Privacy Shield. For further information on the previous guarantees or the fact that they have been provided, Users may contact the above address.

The User is informed that the User’s personal data may be transferred to the authorised collaborators of OLÉ MOSAIC S.L. , in addition to access by national or international third-party suppliers, in the capacity of data processors, to the personal data for which OLÉ MOSAIC S.L. , is responsible, during the provision of a service to the data controller. Nevertheless, in compliance with the duty of professional secrecy and confidentiality regulated by the current law, and as mentioned in section II, the consent of the User must be requested and granted in advance.

In addition to the above, OLÉ MOSAIC S.L. may assign or disclose personal data to meet its obligations with the Public Authorities where appropriate, in accordance with the law in force at any time, and if applicable, to other bodies such as Government Law Enforcement Authorities and Judicial Bodies.


VI.- User’s rights and exercise of same

OLÉ MOSAIC S.L. informs the User about the possibility of exercising its rights of Access, Rectification, Erasure, Objection, Portability, to be Forgotten and Limitation (sometimes referred to as ARCO-POL in Spanish) regarding the processing of its personal data and the right to reject the automated processing of same.

These rights may be exercised free of charge by the User, and, if applicable, anyone representing the User, by means of a written and signed request sent to the aforementioned address.

This request must contain in the subject the reference “Protección de datos de OLÉ MOSAIC S.L. ” and must include the following data: name and surnames of the User, address for notification purposes, photocopy of the National Identity Document or Passport, and specific request. Representation must be proven by means of an attesting document. The User may also exercise the aforementioned rights by means of the following e-mail address

In addition to the above rights, the User will be entitled to withdraw the consent granted at any time through the procedure described above, without this affecting the legality of the previous data processing prior to withdrawal of same. Consequently, the data of the User may continue to be processed to the extent permitted by applicable law.

We also remind the User that it is entitled to file a complaint with the relevant Control Authority.


VII.- Technical, organisational and safety measures implemented

OLÉ MOSAIC S.L. undertakes to comply with its obligations to keep personal data confidential and to store it, taking the necessary measures to prevent alteration, loss, unauthorised processing or access, as provided by applicable laws.

OLÉ MOSAIC S.L. has implemented the necessary technical and organisational security measures to guarantee the security of personal data and to prevent its alteration, loss or unauthorised processing and/or access, taking into account: the state of technology, type of data stored, risks and exposure, either to human actions or the physical or natural environment, as provided by the applicable regulations.

OLÉ MOSAIC S.L. is committed to privacy and aware of the corresponding right, and therefore continuously maintains the supervision, control and evaluation of its processes with the intention of strengthening the confidentiality and integrity of the information in its organisation, aimed at guaranteeing respect for the privacy and security of the information, according to international standards. Along these lines, it also periodically analyses the risks posed and evaluates the impact of such personal data processing.


VIII.- Responsibilities

The contents of the web pages that users access through the search service on the WEBSITE are merely informative for all those Users interested in the same, and does not generate a commercial, contractual or professional relationship between visiting users and OLÉ MOSAIC S.L. In the event of discrepancies between the content of the WEBSITE and hard copy versions, the information contained in the latter will prevail. OLÉ MOSAIC S.L. will, under no circumstances, be responsible for opinions, images, etc. provided by third parties that are not controlled by the former. This also excludes any liability for damages of any nature that may derive from access to content, information, publicity, opinions, concepts and images, created by third parties and supplied to the users, or content accessible through the WEBSITE search engine that is contrary to the law, morality, good faith and public order, infringing intellectual and industrial property rights, or which contain any vice, defect, computer virus or similar software issue.
 Upon learning that any of the content, opinions and concepts hosted on the website are contrary to law, morality, good faith and public order or contained any type of computer virus or similar software issue, these will be withdrawn and the corresponding Control Authority informed of such facts. OLÉ MOSAIC S.L. excludes any liability for damages and losses of any nature that may arise from the collection and use by third parties of the information, publicity, and opinions provided by website users. In no event shall OLÉ MOSAIC S.L. be responsible for content, information and images that do not depend directly on it or its website, or that are not managed by it; even if they appear on the website under a current or future collaboration agreement signed by OLÉ MOSAIC S.L. , and liability shall be claimed against the party responsible for data processing.


Disclaimer for the operation of the WEBSITE

OLÉ MOSAIC S.L. provides its services and content on an ongoing basis using all technical means at its disposal to perform this service satisfactorily.
 Accordingly, and when it deems appropriate, it may correct improve or modify the information contained in the website, SERVICES, or CONTENTS without this giving rise to or entitling it to any claim or compensation, or implying acknowledgement of any liability. Nor is it liable for damages and losses of any nature that could be derived from the unavailability and/or technical discontinuity of the operation of the website. In any case, all necessary actions will be taken to restore their services in case of technical failure.


Disclaimer for content provided by OLÉ MOSAIC S.L. to its users through the WEBSITE, and that accessible through the WEBSITE search engine. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OF WEBSITE CONTENT


Texts (information, concepts, opinions and other similar) and graphic elements (photographs, design, logos, source code and other similar) that comprise the website and are disseminated through this, as well as their presentation and editing, are exclusively owned by OLÉ MOSAIC S.L. which holds all rights to use the same through agreements with third parties.
 To this effect, they constitute works protected by the whole of Spanish and Community regulations in the field of intellectual property, according to Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996, of 12 April, which approves the Consolidated Text of the Law on Intellectual Property and Law 5/1998, of 6 March, on the Incorporation into Spanish Law of Directive 96/9/EC on the Legal Protection of Databases, also resulting from the application of international treaties signed in this field.
 Consequently, no user license or authorisation is granted regarding its industrial and intellectual property rights or any other property or right related to the website, except specific agreements with third parties. 
Users may reproduce the contents of the website for the sole purpose of storing them or printing them on paper for private use. Notwithstanding the above, any reproduction, distribution, transformation, presentation, be it total or partial, of the content of the website or of any of its elements, directly or indirectly by telematic networks or similar, intended for public marketing purposes or for any other use beyond those mentioned is forbidden, even when citing the source, without the express written authorisation of OLÉ MOSAIC S.L. or, where applicable, third party collaborators. Failure to comply with the above may result in legal action.

The following are specifically forbidden:
Presentation of a page of the website on another web page that does not belong to OLÉ MOSAIC S.L. , through the technique called “framing” unless express written consent is obtained from OLÉ MOSAIC S.L.
Insertion of an image that has been or is being shown on the website, on a page or database, that does not belong to , by the technique called “in line linking”, whenever this is not expressly authorised.
Extraction and use of elements from the website, whether or not this causes any detriment to OLÉ MOSAIC S.L. , in accordance with the provisions of Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996, of 12 April, approving the Consolidated Text of the Law on Intellectual Property and Law 5/1998, of 6 March, on Incorporation into Spanish Law of Directive 96/9/EC on the Legal Protection of Databases. Consequently, OLÉ MOSAIC S.L. , must expressly authorise the establishment of hypertext links (hyperlinks) in another website directed to the home page of this website or to any other internal page, as long as the corresponding pages appear in a full window under the electronic addresses of same.
 Rights not expressly and previously granted are reserved.
 All trade names, trademarks or distinguishing signs, logos, symbols, mixed, figurative or nominative brands appearing today or in the future on the website belong to OLÉ MOSAIC S.L. or have regulatory authorisation for their use and reproduction, and are protected by the law in force.


IX.- Links to other websites

The OLÉ MOSAIC S.L. web page may include hyperlinks in other places that are not operated or controlled by OLÉ MOSAIC S.L. For this reason, the legality, reliability, usefulness, veracity and timeliness of the content of such websites or their privacy policies is not guaranteed now or in the future, nor can OLÉ MOSAIC S.L. be held responsible for these. Before providing your personal data to these external websites, please note that their data protection policies may be different from ours.


X.- Amendment to the Privacy Policy

OLÉ MOSAIC S.L. may amend this Privacy Policy in accordance with applicable the law at any time. In any case, the User will be duly informed of any amendment to the Privacy Policy and therefore any changes made to the processing of its personal data, whereby the User may grant its consent, should applicable regulations so require.

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